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  • Editorial Team

    Editorial Team

    Empowering writers by building an ecosystem of Collaborators. Connect with us over LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/team-nft/

  • Rosana de Oliveira Gomes

    Rosana de Oliveira Gomes

    Data Scientist | Astrophysicist | AI for Good | Climate Reality

  • Elena Samuylova

    Elena Samuylova

    Co-founder and CEO Evidently AI. Building open-source tools to analyze and monitor machine learning models.



    Application Development Head | Data Strategy | Big Data | Analytics & BI | Data Governance | Cloud

  • Skanda Vivek

    Skanda Vivek

    Scientist at the interface of complex systems, and the social good. I write for self-discovery and you, dear reader. Work featured across Forbes, BBC, ...

  • Harsh Maheshwari

    Harsh Maheshwari

    Demystifying Technology | We are an Applied Scientist at Amazon and a Core Engineer at Goldman Sachs. | LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/harsh-99/

  • Marcel Moosbrugger

    Marcel Moosbrugger

    I am a Ph.D. researcher, enjoying explaining complex things in simple terms || marcelmoos.com || Follow for more: marcelmoos.com/newsletter

  • Vikas Gupta

    Vikas Gupta

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